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<prime_> if java really did garbage collection the jvm would uninstall itself
#310556 (40/44) ⚐Flag
<meeb> only windows laptop in the flat is currently updating itself (forced reboot)
<meeb> it's installing update.... 14 of 3
<meeb> and is on 824%
<Erasmus> meeb, think of how super up to date that laptop will be
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<xyz> sadly I'm from russia so
<BogomilP> xyz: How open minded are you?
<xyz> are you going to link me some weird tentacle porn if I say yes?
<BogomilP> No
<BogomilP> Just getting a better picture of the world
<BogomilP> I dont like stereotypes so Im looking for good modern people to reference when trying to prove to someone what the world is changing even if most people in some specific countries refuse to
<Shiz> maybe not fall into the stereotypes in the first place
<Shiz> then there's nothing to disprove!
<BogomilP> Shiz: Im not saying that I fall into the stereotyped. Its just a nice way to say to some closed minded idiotic assholes that even if they thing their breed is not a dieing kind there are people in their country that still support modern open thinking
<BogomilP> Its nice....
<BogomilP> And that progress is being made despite their biggest efforts to stop it...
<xyz> was really hoping for some weird tentacle porn to be honest
#308074 (40/48) ⚐Flag
<Moon_Doggy> grrr network hiccup
<ENKI-][> you should hold your breath while drinking jolt and whistling the 2600Hz tone in order to get rid of network hiccups
#307034 (39/67) ⚐Flag
<Stormgren> Also, these things have rogue AP mitigation strategies, mostly involving telling the rogue to STFU over and over.
<c0nsumer> cisco's got some darned slick stuff for doing campus wireless
<Stormgren> Yeah, and I was off, it's worse than that.
<Stormgren> If told to contain a rogue AP, it DoSes the clients to death
<Stormgren> We could have some fun experimenting with this
<melstav> that's.... useful
<Stormgren> It basically sends deauth and deassociate messages to the rogue's detected clients.
<melstav> better that than trying to flood 'em
<Stormgren> I now really want to set up a 802.11g raw-frame capture and watch this in action.  I never get to play with this functionality at work at that level.
<melstav> wait. the upstream network can tell an arbitrary wlan router to deauth a client? or is it telling the nic to disconnect?
<Stormgren> melstav, it's blowing frames out of the radios
<myself248> Stormgren: If one were to drop one of those APs in a bucket with 48v worth of batteries, would it run standalone and just keel, keeel, keeeeeeel anything that moves?
<Stormgren> Good question
<myself248> I think I smell a new sport.
<myself248> Because occasional deauth frames would consume less power than active jamming, AND be part-15 compliant, to boot.
<Stormgren> As far as I know, you need a controller
<myself248> Damn. that's harder to strap onto a stationkeeping quadcopter.
#2235 (8/290) ⚐Flag
<spid0r> my friend had #taliban for awhile...fuckin ragheads even get owned on efnet
#311660 (46/50) ⚐Flag
<PoroCYon> \o/
<Saga_Musix> \o/
<Bonn333> /o/
<mtronic> \o\
<Bonn333> /o\
<mtronic> \o/
<Bonn333> (o(
<slerpy> )o(
<mtronic> ~o~
<slerpy> "o"
<Bonn333> .o.
<mtronic> <o>
<slerpy> ^o^
<mtronic> |o|
<Bonn333> ]o]
<mtronic> }o{
<slerpy> °o°
<mtronic> 7o7
<Bonn333> !o!
<mtronic> ¬o¬
<slerpy> =o=
<Bonn333> What are we doing now? xD
<GargajCNS> tie fighter design contest, i'm assuming
#311675* (?/47) ⚐Flag
<worf_> ... FML
<worf_> "how to prevent Edge from reopening a page after a crash?"
<worf_> 1. unplug your ethernet cable and disable your wifi connection
<worf_> 2. start edge, which wont be able to load the page that is causing the crash because there is no internet connection
<worf_> 3. close the offending tab
#311676* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<whitequark> also does everyone here know how the USB PD devices determine which one is the charger and which one gets charged?
<whitequark> i usually put it as "the same way hermaphroditic snails mate" because it's a perfect analogy
<whitequark> but not a very good user interface
<whitequark> (dual-role devices, that is)
<marcan> I'll fall back to what my switch does with my old Anker battery pack
<marcan> that is: if you power on the Anker first, it charges the switch
<marcan> until the switch is charged, then it reverses and the switch starts charging the anker
<marcan> hilarity ensues
#311677* (?/20) ⚐Flag
Akko Taco: i love one brain cell every time i come here
lesbianacereza: love
lesbianacereza: good you love and cherish that one brain cell kiti im so proud of you
Akko Taco: GOD
Akko Taco: DAMMIT
Akko Taco: LETS JUST
Akko Taco: SAY THAT
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