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ttvd: i can dress my roomba in french maid outfit
ttvd: sadly, probably not the oddest thing i have done
Comment: EFnet
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<Anonymous> 4chan is a Jewish dating website.
<Anonymous2> u lied
<Anonymous> Yes, yes I did.
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<ChiizuKage> The Castlevania Netflix series is pretty rad.
<ChiizuKage> Great fight scenes.
<Slash_Lateral> Apparently the Wall Chicken shows up as an easter egg in one of them, if you look carefully and turn up the brightness.
<ChiizuKage> Slash: aw man, now I gotta look for that.
<ChiizuKage> I'm actually on that episode right now.
<ChiizuKage> Fight scene was fantastic, along with Bloody Tears playing.
<Slash_Lateral> Haha :D
<ChiizuKage> This show is great in that it doesn't beat you over the head with references and fan service, so when it does occur, it's actually memorable.
<Slash_Lateral> I'll have to watch it next time I get on Netflix
<ChiizuKage> The plot is a mix of Dracula's Curse and Symphony of the Night.
<dysk> I've been hearing nothing but good things about the Castlevania series. I hear the producer wants to do something similar with another popular and long-running video game franchise (rumored to be Zelda).
<YelseyKing> Zelda already had a cartoon. But then, it sucked, so... Excuuuuuuuse me, princess. :P
<Yuri> I heard the Super Mario Bros. movie is awesome.
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<danh> some super creepy dude has sat down at my table
<danh> im about to get stabbed
<l0de> are you at a coffee shop
<danh> yeah
<danh> 20 tables free... chose me!
<danh> he's not wearing any underwear
<danh> dont ask me how i know
#310532 (35/55) ⚐Flag
< wushin> I don't make typos, I make git learning experiences.
#303335 (39/69) ⚐Flag
<noms> I WANT TACOS.
* Burrito has quit (Quit: Leaving)
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-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*_______________________.dSk._________*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*__________________..--:|_____`'._____*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*___________.-'``_`:.__`:_________O.__*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*____.-'``__'`_______`__:._________:__*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*-'`_`:,________.:`______`:.______.`__*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*___,:'_`___::_::____.:`__`::._.'`____*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*___:________`:'___..:--'``___________*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*:._________.-'``_____________________*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*__`_,,-'``______*LOL_DONGS*__________*] by scrim
-!- mode/#IRC30 [+o-b stevoo *!*@*-'`__________________________________*] by scrim
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< Kitlero> Also, I came to say there clearly cannot be lizard humanoid in politics
< Kitlero> The evidence is how against 'global warming' they tend to be
< Kitlero> I think lizard people would want a warmer earth
#310035 (501/529) ⚐Flag
<ioiom63> I went to the doctor, and I had to fill out these papers, right?
<ioiom63> They must use the same papers for men and women, because I had to fill in whether or not I was pregnant.
<ioiom63> I'm a bit of a dick, so I wrote "You never know!"
<ioiom63> 30 minutes later a nurse is VERY angry with me because they're extremely busy already and I've just made things worse...
<ioiom63> ...because if a patient gives any indication of being unsure whether or not they are pregnant, the staff are legally required to take the time to do a pregnancy test.
<ioiom63> Apparently the rule does not also state "...but only if the patient is female."
<ioiom63> Long story short, I am most definitely NOT pregnant.
#308942 (258/272) ⚐Flag
<munin_> roughly it is modeling language and the brain, or, a graph-theoretic approach to modeling how language is represented in the brain
<munin_> she is teaching a graph to speak english by having it read reddit
<munin_> the first 2 phrases it learned were 'm night shamalamadingdong' and 'cockjuggling thundercunts'
<munin_> so it seems to be working
<munin_> she is going to try and get 'cockjuggling thundercunts' into her dissertation
#310978 (152/160) ⚐Flag
<!spaghetti> What's that thing deaf people have
< FrobtheBuilder> peace and quiet?
#64822 (3671/4037) ⚐Flag
[DAY] Trinexx: I saw the most awesome Windows error today: "A malicious program has attempted to shut down Windows. As a precaution, Windows was shut down."
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jaymouse: friend's kid
jaymouse: little kid
jaymouse: he was scribbling on this paper, and I was just sitting there watching him
jaymouse: well I was bored so I join him, just scribbling random shit
jaymouse: he looks at me like I'M the idiot
jaymouse: I'm like wtf
jaymouse: ...he was writing in fucking arabic
#304026 (42/54) ⚐Flag
<Matt32> Lion King was such a good movie.
<YelseyKing> Ahh, Scar. One of Disney's better villains.
<YelseyKing> Most Disney villains tend to be as goofy as they are evil. Scar... nope. Just straight up *evil*.
<YelseyKing> He actually manages to *kill* a major character. Think about that. A major character. In a Disney movie. Being *killed* by the villain. How often does *that* happen?
<BurnGriffith> Yeah.
<BurnGriffith> Scar kills Darth Vader. You don't get much more badass than that.
<YelseyKing> ...the guy who played Darth Vader did the voice of Mufasa?
<YelseyKing> I never knew that.
<BurnGriffith> Yup.
<YelseyKing> Amusing. The heroic Mufasa was once Darth Vader. While the heroic Luke Skywalker went on to become the Joker.
#304893 (164/224) ⚐Flag
<Grif> guys since when did Hello Kitty have a boyfriend
<Unknonymous> Grif, since when do straight men pay attention to Hello Kitty.
<Dritz> Unknonymous: since it's on a cute girl's underwear, is when
#16835 (161/310) ⚐Flag
<JaYsOn``> why the fuck do i always attract gay dudes
<moonbeam> um, well you do go to gay bars
<JaYsOn``> yeah but im straight! surely theres other straight guys there
#301736 (34/68) ⚐Flag
Tray: deviant art doesn't allow real porn, right?
Vulcanaut: well they do allow mild stuff
Vulcanaut: nothing hardcore mind you
Vulcanaut: but the stuff they do allow
Tray: yeah, like tits maybe
Vulcanaut: is put under 18 and older
Vulcanaut: so yeah lol
Tray: but you can't show a bulbasaur pounding your fursona in the ass, for example
Vulcanaut: right
BBB: well this one's going straight to the recycling bin then
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