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<Bike> When I imagine x86 I imagine a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse, with parts continually bursting into flame underneath as they build higher and higher on the broken remnants of what they slapped together last week.
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<kmc> the other day I bought a recycling can from amazon
<kmc> it came in a cardboard box
<kmc> i took the can out of the box, broke down the box, and put it in the can
<kmc> it was amazing
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<Phantom_Hoover> You know what annoys me about Deep Space 9.
<Phantom_Hoover> It wasn't in deep space.
<Phantom_Hoover> It was orbiting Bajor.
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<madk> The interpreter uses an unbounded tape size, but due to technical limitations will stop being unbounded if the tape size reaches 2^63 cells.
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<coppro> elliott: actually, it's worse right now, I'm in the USA
<coppro> where the solution to counterfeiting problems is "add more ink"
<coppro> eventually all US bills will just be solid green
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<crystal-cola> here's a good multiplication algorithm
<crystal-cola> 1010101 x 110
<crystal-cola> well
<crystal-cola> I don't know how to do it but it starts like that
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<zzo38> Is anyone in here who knows cricket rules and has experience?
<Slereah> What if I told you the baseball rules in a british accent?
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< nokocode> is there a help channel available?
< Master_Lyon> this is the help channel
< Master_Lyon> for c++
< Master_Lyon> there is also ##c++-general and ##c++-social
< pakcjo> no ##c++-haters? :( so sad
< kalven> pakcjo: this channel doubles as that
Comment: freenode ##c++
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<shachaf> you open the third door and behind it is an argument about the monty hall problem
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<@Slime_Master> I hear damn near all of the wildlife in Australia wants to kill humans
<@Slime_Master> even something as cute as Koalas
<@Xenesis> Koalas are gross and mean.
<@Xenesis> Anyone who thinks koalas are cute has never heard them fuck.
<@Slime_Master> O_O
<@Alex_Lykos> .....
<@Slime_Master> I don't think that's an image I need in my head right now
<@Alex_Lykos> as if i would want to know why you watched koalas fuck
<@Xenesis> Watched? No.
<@Xenesis> Heard from hundreds of metres away? Yes.
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<Flashtek> I hate it when someone burns bread when I'm plugging in PC hardware for the first timeComment: #gentoo
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< wushin> your art is very good
< bagzie> I hate it more and more each day
< wushin> that just means you're an artist
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<Proview> holy shit i'm tired of doing people's programming homework
<Proview> every fucking day its something new
<Proview> what happened to people who genuinely wanted to learn
<Proview> and try and figure it out
<GargajCNS> Proview: those people made successful projects and now the people whose homework you're doing want in on the cake
<GargajCNS> nerd kid goes to school, gets made fun of, people think he's an idiot, creates company, cashes millions, people still think he's an idiot but hey he made millions so that whole progurming stuff cant be that hard right?
<GargajCNS> and voila
<GargajCNS> app store.
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<kmc> yes Windows 98 installer, please perform a bad blocks scan of your virtual emulated hard drive
<kmc> you have no idea how completely I control your so-called reality
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<TheGreatSparky> Well over the last 100 years we have made such insane medical and technological advancements.  I mean, we have X-Rays and ultra sounds, we can replace hearts and reattach limbs, and we can even perform operations on the human brain.  How is it that with all that in mind, shoving a finger up a somebody's asshole is STILL the best method to check a prostate?
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<Xaiier> I'm curious as to what a nuclear meltdown in space would be like
<scott_manley1> well there's no down
<scott_manley1> so it's more a melt
<Xaiier> oh right
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<mroman_> I should probably read about privacy laws in the US :)
<Jafet> Don't worry, it won't take that much time.
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<vee> god my brain is so dumb sometimes
<vee> I looked out the window and saw a lot of birds and squirrels and I thought "yeah it's the weekend" as if they all normally have jobs to go to during the week
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< eneasvva> I'm trying to do an variable global (with class type), I see that in C++ is made with a variation of singleton, but this variation is incompatible with BC 3.1 . There's  another  way?
< j4cbo> what's BC 3.1?
< eneasvva> borland c++ 3.1
< eneasvva> I just want to a global instance
< j4cbo> um.
< j4cbo> from 1992?
< eneasvva> yes
< j4cbo> this channel will tend to yell at you for using C++03 instead of C++11
< j4cbo> i don't know how best to work around bugs in your compiler that's old enough to legally get drunk
< jeaye> get it drunk
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< Arelon> For example here in Beijing the pedestrian is never at fault if the other person was driving a motor vehicle
< Arelon> Even if the accident was the pedestrian's fault
<@Matthew> is that why the tanks didnt run that tianamen square guy over
#309978 (73/89) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<haq> i had this dream last night that i was laying in bed and i could hear someone saying "hey. hey dude. hey." from under the bed
<haq> so i whipped around and looked
<haq> and it was a crocodile wearing raybans and smoking a cigarette
<haq> so i tell this crocodile "bro you need to either put that out or go outside with it, there's no cigarettes allowed in the house"
<haq> dude's response is "chill out. crocodiles can't even smoke cigarettes."
<haq> then he takes a puff, blows the smoke in my face, and says "think about it."
<haq> so i wake up, laugh about it, and go about my day
<haq> well, in traffic on the way home this morning, i finally realize
<haq> crocodiles can't smoke cigarettes. they don't have lips, so they can't get any suction
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<grifferz> bitcointalk full of marks who one month ago were all "yeah deconstruct the state! to the moon! fuck the bankers!" then today they are "omg I put my son's education fund on mtgox, who do I sue?"
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<xplat> man, i am just amazed at how bad rhythmbox is
<xplat> i mean it, i'm literally amazed
<xplat> not just at how long it stayed the default gnome music player while being so bad, i've come to expect things like that
<xplat> it's how they managed to avoid all the obvious and easy mistakes and find a whole other set of mindblowingly inobvious mistakes to make instead
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<refnum> kish: last time I slept with this girl she put her dogs in the middle of the bed
<refnum> like wtf
<refnum> it was like a clear separation
<ogz> HAHA
#309830 (22/38) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
< MadCamel> back in the day I used to go to sleep with bots running and get an SMS alarm on my phone when GMs would show up to talk to me. I could talk back via SMS too. That passed every botcheck because everything was screwed up back then and they were not allowed to use their judgment.. even though my clients were CLEARLY automated.
< MadCamel> That wouldn't fly now. That's a good thing. Heh.
< t3st3r> Hmm, reasonable :)
< V0id> MadCamel: because now you're too old to wake up within 2mins? :D
< MadCamel> V0id: that too! lol
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